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Ensuring cost-free processing for tenants


Rent payments processed annually

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Tenantpay Makes It Easy And Secure To Pay Rent Online

Log in

Simply log in to your online banking platform and navigate to the bill payment section.

Add TenantPay as a Payee

Search for “TenantPay” to add it as a new payee. Use the account number provided by your landlord/property manager. (Your TenantPay number will always start with "RNT" followed by 11 digits without any spaces.)

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Pay your rent

Input the amount of your rent and proceed with the payment.

You can also pay internationally by clicking here

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Frequently Asked Questions by Tenants

1. Why should I use TenantPay?

Because you can avoid those landlord meetings, endless lines to pay rent, and receipt collecting.

Don't like pre-auth debit? Neither do we! Stay the boss of your bank account and say goodbye to those NSF fees. 

Pay your rent from your trusty, squishy couch. Next episode, please. 

2. How do I pay my rent with TenantPay?

- Just log into your online banking, hop over to the bill payment section,
- look up TenantPay
- use the TenantPay number your landlord/property manager bestowed upon you and hit that payment button.
- A combination of all the above!

It's as simple as counting 1,2,3!

Oh, and coming soon, you can pay with your credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or even crypto. Just head to the tenant portal via the app or website and click that "pay now" button.

3. How do I get my personal TenantPay number?

Your landlord/property manager is the keeper of this number. They will furnish you with this information.

4. How long does it take for my Property manager to receive my rent payment?

Your landlord/property manager will receive your payment within 24 to 48 hours of it.

5. Can I get a receipt for my rent payment?

Your bank's got your back – they've got records to prove you paid up. But if you want an official receipt, just ask your property manager/landlord, and they can email it to you.

6. Can I set up recurring payments through TenantPay?

Absolutely! Simply go to your banking portal, set up recurring payments to the TenantPay payee, and voilà! You get to pick the amount and the day of the month for those autopilot payments. 

7. Does Tenant Pay report tenant rent payments to the Credit Bureau?

Not yet, but we're gearing up for it. Join our waitlist, and you will be the first to know more about it. 

8. Can I pay my rent with TenantPay if my Property Manager is not a TenantPay client?

Not at this moment. To make your rent payment through TenantPay, you must have your TenantPay number, and only your property manager can provide you with this essential information.

However, you will be able to pay us directly soon, regardless of whether your landlord/property manager is with us.

9. Does TenantPay pay commissions for referrals?

You bet! It’s the right thing to do. Contact us here for more info.

10. Is TenantPay available in my area?

TenantPay is available in all of Canada. Soon to be in the USA. If you live outside our service area, sign up here and be the first to know when we are there.


What people are saying about us
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“Tenant Pay has been a game-changer for me as a landlord. Managing multiple properties used to be a headache, but now rent collection is a breeze! The secure and seamless payment process gives me peace of mind, and their support team is always there to assist. Highly recommended!”

Alex M.
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“Tenant Pay is an easy option for many seniors in my building who are unfamiliar with e-transfers and can easily set up their rent payments with their bank. Since we have instituted Tenant Pay as an option in all of our client’s buildings, it has made it much easier for tenants/members and Property Managers..”

LuAnn Lampman
Niagara Peninsula Homes - Coop team
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“I couldn’t be happier with Tenant Pay’s rent collection service! It’s incredibly user-friendly and has saved me so much time. Now, I can easily track payments and generate reports effortlessly. Tenant Pay has truly transformed my property management experience!”

Emily S.
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“Tenant Pay has made it a lot easier to send payment letters than before. I strongly recommend TenantPay to other property managers and landlords because I think the price point is right where it needs to be.”

Jessica Zeleny
Skrtich and 1760001 Ontario Limited
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“Since I started using Tenant Pay, rent collection has become stress-free. The platform’s simplicity and efficiency have exceeded my expectations. I love how it keeps everything organized, allowing me to focus on providing a better rental experience for my tenants. Thank you, Tenant Pay!”

Sarah S.
Property Landlord
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"A big thank you for solving all of my issues within 24 hours. VERY impressed. I also have been actively dropping the name TenantPay in various landlord forums I belong to. It's probably the single biggest improvement that we've made in our business."

Ray St. Denis
Prestigious Place (Purple Fountain Ltd)