TenantPay – Canada's Most Convenient Method to Pay Your Rent Online
How Tenants Can Make Payment Online
You can make a payment from anywhere.
Tenants do not need to login to TenantPay! Everything you need to pay is handled
through your own bank directly using online banking or by using the
Paytm app to pay by Mastercard, bank or cash.

What do I need?
Contact your Property Manager for your tenantpay number.
TenantPay numbers are 14 digits long and look like this: RNT10000345678
Payment Methods
1. FROM YOUR OWN BANK (no fee):
a. Log onto your OWN bank’s web site and add “TenantPay” as a payee.
b. Type in your TenantPay number provided by your Property Manager.
c. Make a payment.
Your bank’s web site will provide you with a confirmation number.

a. Download the Paytm Canada mobile phone app.
b. Sign up for free.
c. Look up and add “Tenantpay” as a biller from the Rent Category.
d. Make secure payments using your credit card, debit, Bank or Cash (get BOTH credit card & Paytm points! if using your credit card allow 5 – 8 days processing).
Paytm Canada is a registered MSB regulated by FINTRAC. Visit www.paytm.ca for more information.
Paytm Canada a subsidiary of Paytm, India’s largest mobile payments provider with more than 230 million users, launched its first consumer-facing mobile application in 2017. The Paytm Canada application allows Canadians to pay their bills using multiple payment methods with low fees, earn points for every transaction and make peer-to-peer payments, via their smartphone.

*3. FROM the Paytm-TenantPay WebLink using VISA/MC/Debit:(if you don’t want to sign up for the app)
Using this link you do not have to sign up for the Paytm app and you still get points on your own credit card.
To get additional Paytm points and other benefits, you can sign up for the Paytm app anytime.

*4. Telephone banking, cash or Moneymart (take your tenantpay# to your bank or Moneymart & the customer rep will assist you):
*May be subject to a service fee

Are you an International (including USA) student in Canada? – see the "International Tenants" tab.