TenantPay – Canada's Most Convenient Method to Pay Your Rent Online
How Tenants Can Make Payment Online
You can make a payment from anywhere.
Tenants do not need to login to TenantPay! Everything you need to pay is handled
through your own bank directly using online banking

What do I need?
Contact your Property Manager for your tenantpay number.
TenantPay numbers are 14 digits long and look like this: RNT10000345678
Payment Methods
1. FROM YOUR OWN BANK (no fee):
a. Log onto your OWN bank’s web site and add “TenantPay” as a payee.
b. Type in your TenantPay number provided by your Property Manager.
c. Make a payment.
Your bank’s web site will provide you with a confirmation number.

*2. Telephone banking, cash or Moneymart (take your tenantpay# to your bank or Moneymart & the customer rep will assist you):
*May be subject to a service fee

Are you an International (including USA) student in Canada? – see the "International Tenants" tab.