TenantPay - Canada’s most convenient way to pay rent online
TenantPay Makes It Easy and Secure To Pay Rent Online
Simply login to your existing Canadian bank or credit union’s online banking website or app and make your payment.

What do I need?
Your Property Manager will provide you with your TenantPay number.
TenantPay numbers are 14 digits and look like this: RNT10000345678
Payment Methods
Online from your Bank or Credit Union

  1. Login to your bank or credit union’s online banking website or app
  2. Go to Pay bills
  3. Add payee, search TENANT, add TENANTPAY
  4. Enter 14 digit TENANTPAY number as the Account Number
  5. Pay Bill and select TENANTPAY
  6. Enter $ Amount
  7. Complete payment and receive confirmation number from your bank or credit union

There is no fee charged to the tenant by TenantPay when this payment method is used. The Property Manager receives the payment made by the Tenant.

In-person at your Bank or Credit Union’s branch or by telephone banking or at a MoneMart location

  1. Inform the customer service representative that you would like to make a bill payment to TENANTPAY and provide your 14 digit TENANTPAY number as the Account Number.
Note: Service fees may apply.

International tenants and students (including from the USA) click International Tenants for instructions.

Customer Support
For any questions or inquiries, please contact our Customer Support Team by sending us an email to support@tenantpay.com.

For any refund requests, please contact your property manager or landlord first. In the event you are directed to contact TenantPay, please send your refund request to support@tenantpay.com.

Please include your:
  1. Full name
  2. TenantPay number
  3. $ amount
  4. Date payment was made

A service charge of $25 will apply to the amount of the refund.