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TenantPay is the most simple, cost effective online payment solution
Tenants can easily pay their deposit, any fees, and rent online through their Canadian bank or credit union.
International tenants make payments through our partnership with Western Union / Convera.
Property Managers do not have to ask tenants for any banking details which eliminates the risk for Property Managers of keeping sensitive information on file.
Personal Information and Privacy Act (PIPA) Compliant
TenantPay makes it easy for Property Managers to be PIPA compliant.
Property Managers give tenants a TenantPay number instead of tenants giving Property Managers their banking details.
There is no information to store because Property Managers do not need tenant’s banking details to be paid.
No More NSF Transactions
Property Managers no longer need to incur costs and time associated with NSF transactions from tenants because with TenantPay tenants can only make payments if there are sufficient funds. Payments are cleared through Payments Canada. Tenants can even split their payments from different bank accounts to ensure property managers are paid in full and on time.
Immediate Integration / Upload of Payment Information
Administrators simply click and upload payment data.
YARDI customers can have payment data integrated to their resident ledgers automatically.
Online payment and electronic upload/integration eliminates human error.
Eliminates manual payment allocation, bank deposit books, and waiting at the bank.
Property Managers reconcile and close out their months more quickly and efficiently with TenantPay so time can be focused elsewhere.
Lower Your Carbon Footprint
Property Managers will lower their carbon footprint and lower administrative costs with TenantPay.
Tenants also want to reduce their carbon footprints.
Everyone is looking for ways to reduce paper and go digital - TenantPay helps with both.