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TenantPay is the most simple, cost-effective online payment solution
Accepted across Canada at every Canadian bank and credit union. Discover how easy it is for your tenants to pay their rent online.
TenantPay operates through their mobile banking application and allows them to pay rent the same way that they would pay a hydro bill.
You do not require any banking information from your tenants.
Payments can be made from anywhere in Canada, and payments outside of Canada are processed through our Western Union & TenantPay portal.
Personal Information and Privacy Act (PIPA) Compliant
You give your tenants/customers a TenantPay number – no contracts are requested.
You do not require any credit or personal information.
It’s all in the number, you don’t have to store information because you don’t need it.
Elimination of NSF transactions
Customers/tenants cannot complete the payment transaction if there are not sufficient funds.
Each payment is processed and cleared through the Canadian Banking System.
Since the funds are pre-cleared, there are no NSF or other charge back transactions.
Immediate Integration/Upload of Payment Information
Administrators simply click and upload payment data.
YARDI customers can have payment data integrated to their resident ledgers automatically.
Online payment and electronic upload/integration eliminates human error.
Eliminates manual payment allocation, bank deposit books, and waiting at the bank.
Lower Carbon Footprint
Lower the carbon footprint AND lower your administrative costs; a win-win, not a trade off.
Without contracts to sign or paper to process there is less document storage.
Online payments are the most convenient, secure and cost effective way to pay.